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McGannon Studios
Specializing in Fine Art Paper Conservation
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From the works of John James Audubon to your grandparents' marriage certificate, McGannon Studios preserves and brings back to life unique and precious paper artifacts.  Our Treatments pages show examples of prints, watercolors, documents and paper artifacts of all kinds that we have successfully cleaned, repaired and restored.octavo_edited-2222.jpg  Please call to make an appointment to have your antique print or family documents examined at no cost.

People are generally aware that paintings, furniture and other artifacts can be successfully restored not just from age but also from major accidents and disasters. It is far less known that paper artifacts can also be successfully restored.

Paper artifacts of all kinds are possessed by just about everyone. Some of these may be valuable in a sentimental sense such as family letters and documents or they may be artifacts that are collectible and have a monetary value such as antique prints, drawings or watercolors. Often damaged pieces such as these are considered losses because their owners are not aware that paper can be restored effectively.

But paper is very resilient and much can be done to remove stains, dirt and glues from the fibers and return the piece back to its original condition.


This is an engraving by Giovanni Battista Piranesi called "Vedute Del Campidugliodio..." from his "Views Of Rome" series. It was badly damaged by water that stained the top of the paper and left the paper rippled and weak. The print was washed to remove the harmful stains and the weak paper was supported with Japanese tissue.